Berry Infusion:

"With spirits this delicious, it’s no wonder the Russians wanted to dump communism." This quote from Nightclub & Bar magazine describes the common reaction of critics and consumers alike. (Click "Critics Choice" page for more ratings and comments.)

The Jewel of Russia Berry Infusion is the only vodka with an infusion of wild cranberries commercially available in the United States.

With a reduced alcohol content and a sweetly smooth finish, it can fit any occasion, from an after-dinner drink to a pre-dinner aperitif. It’s a perfect social drink and is especially enjoyable in the summertime.

The ingredients used are extremely fresh and undergo only traditional treatment to preserve the natural taste of the fruit. The berries are not cultivated. These are wild Cranberries, picked by hand. They are crushed and soaked in Premium vodka. The vodka-berry infusion then sets for a period of time and is carefully filtered and bottled on premises.

The intense flavor and aroma that results from this traditional process far surpasses any flavored vodkas and the existing popular vodka-juice compounds.

Russian nobles developed and perfected this traditional reduced alcohol vodka-based drink over 300 years ago. With their introduction in the United States, American consumers have an exceptional opportunity to unveil this precious heritage of old Russia.

The Jewel of Russia Berry Infusion 100% neutral grain spirits containing an infusion of wild Cranberries. 20% Vol.(40 Proof). Available now in 1 Liter size. 750ml and 50ml sizes available April/May 2001. Product of Russia.

The Jewel of Russia® is the registered trademark owned by Stardale Global Brands, Cheyenne, USA (EU,USA)
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