Versatile Vodkas

Nightclub & Bar Magazine.

June 2001

As long as Americans drink vodka, the country's spirit of choice, distillers around the world will continue to roll out new and exciting brans with which to tempt aficionadas and novices alike. And while the Russians no longer have a corner on the space station market, they're preeminent when it comes to imported vodkas. Ultra-premium Russian brands, such as Original Cristall, Jewel of Russia, Veliky, Charodei and Stolichnaya Gold still reign supreme.

The Jewel of Russia® is the registered trademark owned by Stardale Global Brands, Cheyenne, USA (EU,USA)
Исключительное право использования зарегистрированного товарного знака The Jewel of Russia® в России принадлежит «ООO Стардейл», Москва, Россия
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