Where to Buy Disclaimer

Although we make every possible effort to keep the "Where to Buy" list as correct as possible we cannot guarantee its absolute accuracy. To provide you with the maximum up-to-date information on the Jewel of Russia availability in your area, we give our retailers an option of self-listing on our web-site. They can do so by registering with us as institutional members of the Club Jewel. We will check the Try or Buy list regularly for its factual consistency but we have no control over new entries at the time of their placement.

The Jewel of Russia® is the registered trademark owned by Stardale Global Brands, Cheyenne, USA (EU,USA)
Исключительное право использования зарегистрированного товарного знака The Jewel of Russia® в России принадлежит «ООO Стардейл», Москва, Россия
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